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Orthodontic treatment is used to improve the appearance, position and function of crooked or abnormally arranged teeth.

By the use of braces, orthodontic treatment can straighten the teeth and move them into a better position.

Our orthodontists have many years specialising in this field of dentistry.  Using the latest orthodontic techniques and the best in class equipment and materials, the orthodontists at Prana Medicare will make sure that you  have the best chance possible of correcting your teeth to create a beautiful smile and many years of happiness.

What does orthodontic treatment involve?

Devices such as braces are used to realign your teeth into a more correct and even position. As each person’s teeth are unique, your exact treatment will be dependent on you are your teeth.

If you feel that you have a wonky smile or that you would like to have straighter teeth, why not book an initial consultation with one of our experienced orthodontists to see what would be involved.

The length of treatment will depend on how complicated the problem is, but it’s usually between 18 and 24 months.

Who needs orthodontic treatment?

There are many different reasons for needing orthodontic treatment.  For some it is crooked teeth, for others they have had extra teeth removed and need to close a small cap.  In other cases your upper and lower jaw may not meet correctly when you bite.

In some more extreme cases, abnormal development of the teeth and jaw can affect the shape of the face.

It’s thought around a third of 12-year-olds would benefit from some degree of orthodontic treatment, so it is certainly a very common procedure to undergo.

How can I get treatment and is it expensive?

Our orthodontists are here to help and happy to discuss the best way forward in your particular case.  It is hard to give an exact  price on the cost of treatment as this will vary on exactly what you need.  Take a look at our pricing page to have a look at the price of an initial consultation and starting price of treatments.

Keeping your braces clean

A common complication of orthodontics is tooth decay. Your mouth is full of bacteria that combine with small food particles and saliva to form a sticky film known as plaque. which leads to plaque and causes the enamel to decay.

Many people with braces find it difficult to keep their teeth clean, so additional brushing is essential during treatment.

To reduce your risk of enamel decay, your orthodontist may recommend using toothpaste with high levels of fluoride or a mouthwash that contains fluoride. You should also try to avoid sugary foods and fizzy drinks.